Prices may change without notice

Milk Tea

(All Bubble Tea Have Milk)
B1. Bubble Black Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B2. Bubble Green Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B3. Coconut Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B4. Taro Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B5. Mango Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B6. Strawberry Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B7. Vanilla Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B8. Magic Mocha Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25
B9. Almond Bubble Tea (M) 3.50 (L) 4.25

Green Tea

No Milk with Popping Boba
T1. Kumquat and Lemon Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25
T2. Passion Fruit Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25
T3. Strawberry Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25
T4. Mango Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25
T5. Pineapple Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25
T6. Jasmine Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25
T7. Honey Green Tea (M) 3.75 (L) 4.25


S1. Strawberry Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S2. Mango Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S3. Blueberry Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S4. Passion Fruit Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S5. Pineapple Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S6. Chocolate Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S7. Taro Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S8. Magic Mocha Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S9. Coconut Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S10. Green Apple Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50
S11. Banana Pineapple Smoothie (M) 3.95 (L) 4.50

Sweet Crepes

Choice of Dressing, Chocolate Syrup, Condensed Milk, Honey, Strawberry Jam.
Extra $0.75 for Vanila Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, Green Tea Ice Cream or Cheese Cake

Mango Sweet Crepes 5.25
Strawberry Sweet Crepes 5.25
Banana Sweet Crepes 5.25
Pineapple Sweet Crepes 5.25
Kiwi Sweet Crepes 5.25

Ice Stick Rice

Serves Peanuts, White Fungus, Raisin, Dried Cranberries
Add Popping Boba $0.75 Each

R1. Watermelon Ice Stick Rice 6.25
R2. Banana Ice Stick Rice 6.25
R3. Mango Ice Stick Rice 6.50
R4. Strawberry Ice Stick Rice 6.25
R5. Pineapple Ice Stick Rice 6.25
R6. Rainbow Agar Ice Stick Rice 6.25

Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Juice

J1. Cucumber Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J2. Carrot Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J3. Orange Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J4. Apple Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J5. Tomato, Cucumber and Honey Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J6. Watermelon, Lemon and Honey Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J7. Carrot, Apple and Lemon Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J8. Watermelon, Tomato and Carrot Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J9. Cucumber, Apple, Celery and Honey Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75
J10. Orange, Cucumber and Celery Juice (S) 5.75 (L) 6.75

Hot Drink

H1. Citron Honey Tea (Hot) 3.50
H2. Coconut Milk Tea (Hot) 3.50
H3. Almond Milk Tea (Hot) 3.50
H4. Ginger Tea (Hot) 3.50
H5. Passion Tea (Hot) 3.75
H6. Kumquat and Lemon Tea (Hot) 3.75
H7. Honey Green Tea (Hot) 3.50
H8. Bubble Milk Black Tea (Hot) 3.50
H9. Taro Milk Tea (Hot) 3.50
H10. Magic Mocha Milk Black Tea (Hot) 3.50
H11. Chrysanthermum Tea (Hot) 3.50
H12. Jasmine Green Tea (Hot) 3.50
H13. Rose Flower Tea (Hot) 3.50